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  • 10/27/2007 (12:34 pm)

    How To: Unlock your iPhone in Windows using CARNAVAL (1.1.1)

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    This is a simple method to unlock your 1.1.1 iPhone under Windows…

    You will need to have a wireless router as it is needed for uploading files to the iPhone via SFTP. If you do not have a wireless router then you can download iBrickr and use it to send files to the iPhone via USB.

    Let’s get started shall we?

    The first thing that you will want to do is upgrade your phone to version 1.1.1 if it’s not already at that version. Please note that if you currently have a 1.0.2 phone which was SIM unlocked with anySIM 1.0.2 then you will first have to use the revirginization method available by clicking here before continuing with upgrading to 1.1.1 firmware.

    Next we will need to jailbreak the iPhone so that we have full read/write access to the filesystem. The following process will also patch lockdownd which will allow us to bypass the AT&T activation screen.

    1. Download CARNAVAL from here.
    2. Extract the files to a directory using WinRAR.
    3. Navigate to the directory where you extracted the files to.
    4. Execute “(CLICK HERE) by brasuco.bat”.
    5. Follow the prompts until completed.
    6. If it doesn’t complete some tasks then run it through again. If after running it through several times it’s still not working then restore your phone and start from scratch. In my experience it may take a few tries before it works.

    CARNAVAL is the best jailbreak method that I have found for Windows. It takes care of the jailbreaking and activation. It also patches springboard and youtube. Finally, it installs AppTap to the phone.

    Before continuing make sure that youtube works and that AppTap ( has been successfully installed on the phone.

    Open the installer on the iPhone and upgrade it to the latest version (Installer 3). After it is upgraded use the following steps to SIM unlock your iPhone for use with any carrier.

    1. Install OpenSSH and the BSD Subsystem via the AppTap installer (accessible from the iPhone’s main menu).
    2. Download anySIM 1.1 from here.
    3. Extract the zip file’s contents to a folder.
    4. Download PuTTY to SSH in to the phone (we will want to change the password for security reasons before proceeding).
    5. Configure your iPhone’s wireless by going to Settings -> Wifi and configuring your wireless network settings.
    6. Get the IP address of the phone once it’s connected by going to Settings -> General -> Network -> Wifi and tapping on the blue arrow next to your wireless network.
    7. Connect to the iPhone via SSH using PuTTY (the username is “root” and the default password is “alpine”).
    8. Type “passwd” at the command prompt via SSH and you will be prompted to change the password (change it).
    9. Connect to the iPhone via SFTP using your favourite SFTP client (I recommend FileZilla).
    10. Copy the folder (from the files that you extracted from the zip) to /Applications on the phone using the SFTP client.
    11. You should now see anySIM listed on the home screen of the iPhone. If you don’t see it then lock and unlock the iPhone. If you still don’t see it then restart the iPhone.
    12. Before running anySIM you will need to navigate to Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock and make sure that the Auto-Lock is set to “Never”.
    13. Once you are able to see the icon for anySIM on the home screen, tap on it to start it.
    14. Slide the slider to begin the unlocking.
    15. You should receive a message indicating that the unlocking was successful.
    16. Insert your non-AT&T SIM and you’re good to go.

    Enjoy your SIM unlocked iPhone.

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