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  • 11/08/2007 (7:10 pm)

    How To: Install Beatphone 0.2.6 with AppTapp

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    If you are like me and are frustrated at the fact that the latest version of Beatphone available by default in the AppTapp installer is 0.2.4 then you can follow these simple steps to install 0.2.6 via AppTapp…

    1. Launch the AppTapp installer on your iPhone.
    2. Navigate to the “Sources” section.
    3. Click “Edit”.
    4. Click “Add”.
    5. Enter in the following URL:
    6. Navigate to the “Install” section.
    7. Select the “Audio” category.
    8. Click on “Beatphone” then click the “Install” button to install Beatphone 0.2.6.

    Please note that Beatphone 0.2.6 is much larger than previous versions and may take quite a while to download.


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