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  • 04/20/2008 (10:13 am)

    How To: Fix OpenOffice having no window border

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    This is a simple guide which explains how to fix the issues where no window border is displayed for OpenOffice applications. I’m not sure what causes this issue but it appears to be related to Beryl, and Compiz-Fusion in some way.

    If you are running in to an issue where some or all of your OpenOffice apps are opening up with no window decorations meaning that they can not be moved, resized, or minimized, here’s what you have to do:

    1. Open the file ~/.openoffice.org2/user/registry/data/org/openoffice/Setup.xcu in your favourite text editor.
    2. Find the line which corresponds to the applications which you are having problems with. If it’s a problem with the word editor locate <node oor:name=””>. If it’s a problem with the SpreadSheet editor, locate <node oor:name=””> and so on.
    3. Under the appropriate section locate a line that looks something like <value>0,0,901,900;53;0,0,1440,900;</value>.
    4. Lowering all of these values and then saving the file should do the trick. Once I had lowered the values a bit, then re-opened the window, resized it, closed it, and then checked the values in the file again mine looked like: <value>178,36,1108,738;1;0,0,0,0;</value>.

    I hope this fix works for you too. Enjoy.

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