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  • 10/13/2007 (6:24 pm)

    How To: Configure your iPhone’s voicemail button

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    If you are using a carrier other than AT&T on your SIM unlocked iPhone the voicemail button won’t do anything when you tap on it. There is a simple way to configure your voicemail button for your carrier using the following steps…

    1. Contact your carrier and obtain the voicemail retrieval number for your area (it should look something like +14163573229) [TIP: Make sure that you tell them that you already know how to program the number in to the phone and that you just want the number. If you don’t tell them this they will try to walk you through programming the number in to what they believe is a phone supplied by them. This will be a waste of your time so just ask for the number right away.]
    2. Click on your iPhone’s phone button.
    3. Click on the keypad tab.
    4. You need to then key in the following: *5005*86*xxx# where “xxx” is the voicemail retrieval number supplied by your carrier. Example: I keyed in *5005*86*+14163573229#. You can get the + symbol by holding down the 0 key until it appears.
    5. After you enter the code in tap call and it will bind the voicemail retrieval number to your voicemail button.

    That’s it, you’re all set. If you make a mistake in your entry don’t worry, you can always reset the code by typing in *5005*86*#, pressing call, and then typing in the full code again.

    Enjoy checking your non-AT&T voicemail on the iPhone.

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